My name is Martyn, also that I 'm a Social Networking enthusiast

Each morning, after I wake up I reach my iPhone and feverishly assess just how many followers I've picked up immediately, tweet a quick hello and then proceed to look at my Klout score.  
What I need to do is leaping from bed and tending the search engine optimization needs of my clientele and building killer sites.  However, I tell myself, it's 6'm... I don't should begin work and spend the following 3 hours Facebooking un-funny ideas, searching for information I will tweet and pinning images in my Pinterest planks.

And now there 's nothing unusual about crying in the loo or carrying my iPhone to the tub with me.  I can stop anytime I need, actually I could.

How much social networking is too much?  Are you currently a fellow enthusiast?  I've gathered together the very best signs that indicate That You May need assistance:

1.  Your smartphone up to let you know when absolutely anything occurs on the web.  RTs, cites, direct messages.  You've obtained your telephone buzzing and chirruping in the manner of a rain forest and also have lost the capacity to focus on anything in any way.

2.  You use social networking terms as verbs.  I.e you Facebook tales and Instagram your own images.  

3.  In real life social circumstances, you can't tell your buddies funny stories about your own life since they've read them Facebook already.  I guess it keeps conversations brief, it is possible to return to your smartphone faster.

4.  You spll wrds with no vwls when un handwrite notes and shopping lists 4 actual life ppl.  Wnkr.

5.  You honestly feel your "buddies " have to understand exactly what you've just eaten.  Crissakes, you Instagram the meal and so are more than prepared to remark "nom, nom, nom" whenever anybody else shares a photo of their breakfast/dinner/fast meals snack.

6.  But in the wee hours of this morning as soon as it is possible to 't sleep, OP's holiday pops become endlessly interesting.

7.  You utilize hashtags in texts or email to signify a joke was made.  #whoknew?  #ifeelsuchafool

8.   You overlook 't move there however, that will be uncool.

9.  You simply Googled FriendFace since you believed you're missing out. 

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