Live in The Moment

Rather than running yourself worrying about tomorrow, this month, exploit the energy of the present.

Let Folks Buoy you Up
Possessing a gloomy moment?  Instead of brooding alone, seek out folks.  'Part of being joyful moment by moment is taking charge of your disposition, and you may do this just by making the attempt to interact with somebody,' says Julie Clark Robinson in Live in the Moment (Beyond Words).  Whether it's an old friend, the cashier in the grocery store or some stranger on a bus, people make the distinction between a day which 's complete and one which 's depression, she states.

Align your Body Today
Physiotherapist and mind-body practitioner Sue Fuller-Good recommends focusing on your breathing to bring you to the present moment.  'In case you're constantly thinking about the future, and exactly what 's forthcoming, your body will manifest that.  Your posture may be tilted forward, along with your own face poking out.  By modifying your body posture, you are changing your head, because both are ' she states.  'Try to maintain your attention on this moment.  For instance, when you're in traffic, thinking anxiously about where you're going and whether you're going to be late won't get there any quicker.  Rather, residing "ahead " can make you oblivious to the opportunities available today.  It is possible to 't control the future, and it often doesn't turn out like we plan.  The 1 moment you may control is right today. '

Live Each Day to the Entire 
Becoming mindful of our daily, minute-by-minute usage of time can help to keep us firmly fixed in the now, instead of focused anxiously later on or regretfully previously.  Being aware, instead of racing through you life, means discovering the small stuff.

'I've put my sports watch to beep in my each hour,' states Life Strategies' Cris Baker.  'I use this as a reminder to detect what's happening right at that moment.  I quit whatever I'm doing and take a few seconds to appreciate what's happening: the sun, the rain, the clouds or the gloomy skies, the folks passing or the silent when folks aren't passing.  When there's a magnificent sunset, I stop to see it.  This infrequently delays me more than just a couple of minutes, and if I'm late, I'm late.  Life is too short to be concerned about what isn't. I like to enjoy what is. '

Stop the Worrying
Meditation is one of the best methods to learn to restrict interfering thoughts.   Just five minutes a day of sitting quietly listening to a breathing, trying to clear your head of runaway thoughts, and just acknowledging what you're doing, once you're doing it, is a great way to concentrate on the now.

'Generally, once we consider the past or the future, we are either pleased or sad about it.  But after random thoughts is giving our power away to the external occasion ' says Baker.  'Instead let it be, and instead think about the thoughts you want to spend your time exploring.   'When I find myself stressing, I find solace in this quotation by Mark Twain:' 'that I am a really old man and have suffered a fantastic many misfortunes, the majority of which never happened,' says Baker. 

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