What Are The Keys to a Great Relationship?

How would you explain the ideal relationship?  Men tend to use words such as simple and easily preserved when describing the ideal relationship.  They might cite things such as their car or their power drill or their tv remote.  When discussing folks they will name aged buddies or co-workers.  These are objects and people that provide high rewards with minimal upkeep.  Ladies will describe relationships with objects too, possibly a favourite kitchen appliance, a comfortable pair of shoes or a pair of jeans which make them feel and look great.  Girls like relationships with friends and neighbors.  After describing the qualities of an ideal relationship, women will use words such as steadfast, certain and comforting. 

When I consider what I'd consider an ideal relationship, I think about the bond I have with my puppy.  She's pretty simple maintenance.  She only has to be fed twice a day, possibly walked she desires a blanket to sleep , and she needs my love.  She'll never subtract her love from me regardless of what kind of evening she's had.  When I walk into the door at night I'm the middle of her universe, the individual she's been waiting for all day, and that I allowed 's me understand it.  

My pet is dependable and steadfast.  She wants so little from me yet offers so muchbetter.  This is what you would call unconditional love. 

So what's unconditional love? 
 It's not withheld because of a perceived slight or imperfection from your spouse.  It's given just as your spouse isn't perfect. 

 You're keenly aware that you partner isn't ideal.  You partner may have made mistakes and that's clear.  However, you still love this person.  

 You've surely got some flaws and you've made mistakes.  You're by no means ideal.  Yikes.  How can you're your spouse love you for all of your imperfections?  

Is there any lesson ?  I Do we would like to find a puppy, because that's a reliable, comforting way for love?  All of us mess our lives with ideas and feelings, trials and tribulations, and there is the tendency to let our difficulties become larger than they really are and rule our lives.  This 's only going to inhibit the giving and receiving of true love. 

If you are seriously interested in saving your marriage the secret is in finding ways to put the emotional clutter to one side and allow your unconditional love encounter.  Learn how to accept your flaws and your partner 's defects.  Learn how to overlook mistakes.  Accept the fact that you will have negative ideas and feelings, but urge 't give them permission to shut out everything good in the relationship.  Love Affair, and be free to accept unconditional love. 

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